Do the lots have power?

Each lot has access to power with its own junction box to be hooked up directly to your home.

Do the lots have access to water?

Each lot has accessibility to water sourced from the Judith River Aquifer. Each lot requires a well to be drilled. Our new lot owners recently had their well drilled and received the report that the water meets Canadian standards and is safe to drink from the tap with no additional treatment or filters.

Trees and shrubs

Meadow Bay Estates is located alongside Lake Diefenbaker on the Southern Saskatchewan prairies. Due to this location, trees do not grow here naturally on their own, unless planted intentionally. Lot owners have the freedom to plant trees and avoid the cost and destruction of taking down trees, and the ability to plant trees freely to ensure a view of the lake and work with future building plans.

The middle lots have smaller trees along the beach and not in the lot itself. This will be perfect for those who prefer having the beautiful lake as a front and centre view. Lots 1, 11, 12, and 22 have nice big trees along the edges. This setup gives Meadow Bay a unique trait as no matter where you go, you have an unobstructed view of Lake Diefenbaker.

Trees grow well in this soil. These trees were planted near Meadow Bay when they were 6 inch seedlings 4 years ago. Some of the poplars are 18 ft high.

Owners are not required to build right away, they can wait for when the time is right for them. While you are making plans for your future home, you can plant trees once the lot is purchased placed exactly where you prefer, so you can ensure you have an expansive view of beautiful Lake Diefenbaker.

Is there access to a Boat Launch?

The Boat Launch at Rusty’s Coulee Marina in Palliser Regional Park is just a short Ferry Ride away. There is a secluded Coulee with access from Meadow Bay Estates where you can park your boat and place a temporary floating dock. (Shown in image)
Click Here for Directions from Meadow Bay to Boat Launch

What are the nearby communities, services and amenities?

Meadow Bay Estates is a 15 minute drive from Lucky Lake, SK. Local services include a Service Station (Gas and Propane), Mechanic Shop, Autobody Shop, Hotel and Bar, Grocery Store, Post Office, Gift Shop and Coffee House, Hardware Store and Lumber Yard.

The development is located near the Riverhurst Ferry (West Shore) and Palliser Regional Park is just a short drive away, including the Sageview Golf Course, Mainstay Restaurant, and Rusty’s Coulee Marina with Boat Launch.

What makes Meadow Bay Estates different than other Resort Developments?

Each lot has an expansive view of Lake Diefenbaker due the natural slope of the land and is in a secluded location along the Lake. The lots are for home-builds or RTM’s only, not campers or trailers. This is so Meadow Bay will have a community atmosphere while providing spacious lots to enjoy life by the lake. Owners are not required to build right away, they can wait for when the time is right for them.


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